Chicken from real chickens...

Pork from real pigs...

Tofu from real... who knows

Just kidding, tofu from real soybeans



At Yang's, we work hard to delivery fresh handmade dumplings to Beantown. Built upon our family recipes, we have incorporated unique fillings and refined our dumplings from our journey to the States. Dumplings have always been the go-to snack in our house and we hope to delivery a taste of our family to you!

Chef Yang

Mama Yang has picked up technique that has been passed down through generations. Coming from the country side of China (Wenzhou), dumplings has always been a staple. When Mama Yang moved to Paris, she was the dim sum chef of a small Chinese restaurant. After moving to Boston, she has taken a full-time job in hospitality but she always dreamed of starting her own business. Through the years, she has picked up ingredients and techniques along the way that really defined the blend of Chinese-American culture. The fillings may have changed but she always stuck by hand folding each pleat.

Catering an event near you


We serve freshly cooked dumplings to your event - from small celebrations to business parties!

Leave a message about your event and we will cater our menu to your needs.

CommonWealth Kitchen


We are partnered with CommonWealth Kitchen, a local food business incubator, in Dorchester. CommonWealth Kitchen is a collaborative community, providing shared kitchens combined with business assistance to help aspiring entrepreneurs build great food companies, create jobs, improve healthy food access, and strengthen our regional food economy.


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